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         NKV HOME DEPOT make life easier for Architects, Builders, interior designers and people involved in construction industry by bringing novel products.  Our group interests are in Natural Stones, Tiles, Sanitary Wares, Bathroom Fittings, wooden floorings, Engineered Stones and various building material. Starting from mining to manufacturing and Contracting, we provide an end to end solution thereby giving our customers value for their money. Focusing on quality and service is the first thing that we focus.

         Introducing “NKV GYPSUM” – Fine Gypsum Plaster, one of the world’s best Gypsum Plaster in India that replaces cement, sand, curing process and putty works completely from internal plastering. “NKV GYPSUM” can be applied over any kind of bare brick wall, concrete blocks, fly ash bricks, siporex blocks or any solid backgrounds. The Fineness of over 200 Mesh and purity over 99% gives the best atomic bond and an absolute mirror finish.

         The advantage of having the highest grade of calcium sulphate, being pure white in colour and hardness of about 50% more than any other Gypsum Plaster available from the Indian market makes it the best. Just image the time you save when you complete a month’s job in just a week…