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Neurobond-G is high strength elastomeric green colour granular paint for bonding gypsum/cement plaster & concrete etc.

Application Procedure:

I) Mix the contents before use.
2) Apply with brush on dry concrete blocks/RCC.
3) Apply gypsum plaster after 24 hours or after the material has dried based on environmental conditions.


I) Ready to apply single coat paint.
2) Very strong mechanical and chemical bond is created.
3) Green colour of Neurobond-G gives it a good visibility.
4) No hacking is required on the concrete surface. Hence microcracks can be avoided.
5) Water proofing property.
6) Impact resistant.
7) Plaster can be bonded even after several months of Neurobond-G application.

Precautions :

1) Wash hands after application or use hand gloves.
2) If it goes in the eyes, wash it with water continuously till the burning stops or visit a doctor.

Coverage – 50 sft/kg
Packing Available – 10 kg Bucket.